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See What Our Customers Are Saying

“Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning is by far the best I have ever used and the only carpet cleaning service I recommend to my clients. I highly recommend you try them.” 


“I had the castle send me a before and after picture and I couldn’t believe the difference. Well, first I couldn’t believe that they had allowed that floor to get into that kind of shape in the first place. But it actually looked like brand new.”

-Judy, White Castle

“I have enjoyed clean carpets in my apartments over the past 8 years and now I just bought a house and scheduled Quick Dry again. Great product and great customer service! “


“After dripping garbage on the way to the trash, I called Quick Dry and was relieved to see that my carpets look like new. Try this company and you will be pleased with the results!”


“Gary is the absolute best carpet cleaner I’ve ever worked with! We have an old lab who had just about ruined our carpets until we got in touch with Gary! He took care of everything quickly and affordably! Thanks Gary! “


“They Super Clean!!! They have repatched my carpet several times (due from hair color dye) and it looks faboulous!! I can’t even tell. Yet alone have removed hard wax from my carpets!! And their 24 hr. service is AWESOME for when my basement floods. Love the 24hr.on call service :)”


“Quick Dry is the only carpet cleaning company I will ever use. Running a Dog Training School and Kennel I commonly have misfortunate accidents happening in my home, housebreaking is always an issue. Of all the carpet companies I have used (and I have tried them all) they were/are the only one who can eliminate all of the odor and stains of dog urine. I have been using Quick Dry for 12 years and will continue.”


“Quick Dry has been taking care of my carpets and rugs for many years and they have always done a super job!”


“Quick Dry has been cleaning my beige carpet for over 10 years. With two golden retrievers, these carpets have had their share of stains. I can’t believe they still look great! During a dinner party, my guest spilled a glass of red wine. I called the owner, Gary Buck, late at night and he told me he would be take care of it the next day. There is no evidence of the spill. I won’t trust my carpets to anyone else. I love the personal attention and the owner’s commitment to customer satisfaction.”