Why Salt or Calcium Chloride Deicer Can Be a Problem on Your Carpet

Why Salt or Calcium Chloride Deicer Can Be a Problem on Your Carpet

LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST by Quick Dry Carpet Cincinnati owner, Gary Buck, on why salt or calcium chloride deicer can be a problem on your carpet. Catch it early! Do a yearly or bi-annual carpet cleaning.Your carpet will last you maybe a lifetime if you maintain it each year. A little maintenance goes a long way!

Tip: It’s recommended yearly cleanings = # of people + pets in household.

Spring Cleaning: Carpet Maintenance

Well the time is finally here. Winter is gone. Springs is coming in and we finally get to go outside and do some activities, because I’m sure you’re like myself, I don’t like the cold. I’ve been in the house all last year during COVID and now winter. Well it’s really time now that you’re out and not in the house constantly to do the maintenance on the carpet.

Optical Brighteners

Some of the the carpet manufacturers don’t tell us consumers when they manufacture these new carpets, they along with carpet protection, they applied optical brightener to the fiber and then they bake it on. What that does is the optical brighteners reflect ultraviolet light and it really makes your carpet nice and shiny and and makes it pleasant to look at. The problem is when you’re locked in the house all winter a lot of abrasive particles get worked in the back in your carpet so every time you walk across it into braids the fiber and the first thing to go is the carpet protection. If you neglect your carpet, don’t vacuum it properly, so you’re locked in the house all winter you will pull the optical brighteners off the fiber. And and that’s your reversible what you’re left with then is the edges of the room the places you don’t walk are nice and shiny look new and then the the places that that are abraded badly crushed matted therefore there the fibers aren’t together anymore they’re kind of spread out and it looks very dull it doesn’t reflect light like the rest of the carpeting done shiner doesn’t have that new look. Once you cross the carpet and work all that abrasive material into it by walking across it constantly you will abrade the protection and then the optical brightener off the fiber so it’s very important vacuum your carpet.

Professionally Cleaned Carpet

It’s important to have your carpet professionally cleaned with a type of machine that has a great vacuum system powered by the engine of the vehicle. It’s unbelievable the vacuum blower on our trucks is similar to the blower on a funny car dragster – moves a tremendous amount of air and that is the power needed to get the dirt out of the backing that your household sweeper can’t really do.

Vacuum with Household Sweeper Every Day or Every Other Day

The only way to to maintain on your household sweepers, you should really try to I vacuum the carpet every day or a vacuum a carpet every other day. If you regularly every day you won’t get that stuff if you live in the backing which also wears out the backing and the the material to the card is actually woven into.

Quick Dry Carpet Cincinnati Can Help

So vacuuming carpet all the time and get a professional cleaning in the spring. Because you’ve been locked in the house with walking traffic in the same place again and again and again for 3 months it’s really important that you get that fine abrasive material out of the back and we can certainly do that for you here Quick Dry Carpet Cincinnati, we have an unbelievable vacuum system, so powerful we have to be careful with that because we could pull up your carpet and disengaged from the texture of it so it’s really unbelievable vacuum it will get the dirt out that will ruin your carpet.

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